Space Companies: Current Assets and Ventures

Space Commodities Exchange, Inc. - U.S. Joint Venture
From re-fuelling satellites with earth-based deliveries, to supplying moon bases with commodities, and out to forward-ordering minerals from asteroids to manufacture-in-space, these and many more technological advances will be enabled by the Space Commodities Exchange.

Space Store - Minority Shareholder is a B2C eCommerce platform for space-related products and also offers Events and Experiences in Europe.

Our Own Ventures

Space Resources - In-house Venture and Intellectual Property Our online platform for promoting space resources as an investment and to space agencies.

Lunar Commerce: Lunar Commercial Rights for Resource Exploration and Extraction: We are developing a proprietary framework for the legal and technical requirements for mining the Moon.

Asteroid Mining: We focus on finding the best placed, experienced, and emerging Asteroid Mining companies that are detecting for the purpose of intercepting, Near Earth Objects for extracting resources (e.g. water) within the next 10 years away.

Planned Strategic Investments

‣ A Small Satellite Manufacturer with established space agency contracts.
‣ A Horizonal Take off and Landing (HTOL) space plane.
‣ A commercial Asteroid Detection, Tracking and Cataloguing company.
‣ A selection of Space Stocks.

Space Ventures Investors Ltd has signed a Letter of Intent to invest in the Polaris Spaceplanes.
Polaris is developing a European spaceplane for satellite transportation, that also has defence and space tourism applications.
Since 2018 Space Ventures Investors Ltd has kept in contact with Polaris, and are now committed to investing alongside other investors.

Our Services

Advisory Services for Space Investors, including:
Individuals, e.g. retail investors
High Net Worth Space Angels, including Entrepreneurs, Family Trusts, and
Corporate; including Venture Capital, Funds and Private Equity.

Advisory Services for Space Companies Seeking Funding:
‣ Capital Raising
‣ Business Development
‣ Scaling-up
‣ Mergers and Acquisitions and Exits.

Unique Space Investing Research including:
Space Commerce Due Diligence and
Space Investing Survey Data for market intelligence.

Community Voice for Space Resources is a platform for people to ask their governments to increase funding for Space Resources.

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