Our Assets

We invest in pre-seed, and seed-stage start-ups, that align with our strategic space value chain research.
We are always looking for new ideas from teams and founders.
The strategy behind our portfolio is to solve existing inefficiencies, and take advantages of new opportunities, in the emerging new space sector.
We also manage and grow our strategic joint-ventures and innovative spin-offs.

Portfolio: Joint Ventures / Spin-Offs

The following are companies where Space Ventures Investors has a significant role in management, strategy, and development.

Lunar Resources Registry (Germany)

Lunar Resources Registry (LRR) maps the Moon and has created a valuable registry of existing and planned human activity.
The goals of LRR are:
1. Operating an Open Lunar Registry, promoting Lunar Governance, transparency, and education.
2. For selected clients, registering exploration and extraction rights for Lunar Resources and potential Moon Mining locations and operations. LRR enables commercial and non-commercial organisations to register their intent to explore and extract resources (e.g. for in-situ resource utilization) within current and future legal frameworks.

LRR products include printed and online Lunar Maps for Research Education and Commercial Registrations.
New developments include a Lunar Mining Royalty and selecting sites for ELLLa (see below) potential Lunar lander locations based on possible resources.

Articles on OPENPR, CESAH in Darmstadt, and Frankfurt Valley in Frankfurt am Main (Germany).
23rd March 2021 - Lunar Resources Registry (LRR) has landed.
18th March, 2021: Lunar Resources Registry UG (LRR), based in Frankfurt, has commenced trading in the vicinity of the European Space Agency (ESA) headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany.

Space Commodities Exchange (USA)

Space Commodities Exchange (SCX) is an enabler. From re-fuelling satellites with earth-based deliveries, to supplying moon bases with commodities, and out to forward-ordering minerals from asteroids to manufacturing in space, these and many more technological advances will be enabled by SCX.

The Ex Terra Podcast: Trading Commodities In Space.

European Light Lunar Lander - Joint Venture (Europe)

European Light Lunar Lander (ELLLa) - Light Lunar Landers, affordable for both terrestrial and space exploration companies, designed in Europe, factory manufactured, to land at 100s of locations.

Letter of Intent Signed to form European Light Lunar Lander Joint Venture
October 6th, 2021. Berlin Space Consortium, Space Ventures Investors, and Lunar Resources Registry have agreed to form a Joint Venture in Europe, to design, manufacture, launch and operate European Light Lunar Landers (ELLLa). ELLLa will conduct Lunar missions for its joint venture partners, host payloads, and sell landers to prospective clients.
Products of ELLLa include Light Landers, and data from a Lunar Space Tug. They have agreed to use European designed technology and services for development and operations.

Portfolio: Minority Equity Investor

The following are companies where Space Ventures Investors has invested in, monitors their progress, and in some cases works with their management team.

Latitude (was Venture Orbital Systems) (France)

Latitude is a French launch company developing a launcher for nanosats & CubeSats, from 1U to 27U, one sat or a constellation.

France 3 CA: Trois questions sur Venture Orbital Systems, la start-up remoise bientot sur orbite.
La Chronique Spatiale: Venture Orbital Systems vise 20 tirs par an des 2026.

SpaceSense.ai (France)

SpaceSense.ai is a French company offering Earth Observation and AI services to Agriculture customers.

Les Echos Executives: IA: SpaceSense leve 1 million pour decrypter l'imagerie satellite.
AG Funder News: With $1.2m in fresh funding, SpaceSense sees satellite data as agtech's next frontier.

BirdsEyeView (UK)

BirdsEyeView is a European Space Agency backed InsurTech providing autonomous underwriting technology with inbuilt climate and natural catastrophe analytics to insurers.
The technology, since its launch in December 2022, has been adopted by number of headline Lloyd’s and London market insurers.
BirdsEyeView’s clients include Liberty Specialty, Arch Insurance, Cincinnati Financial, Convex, and more.

Insurtech Digital: Insurtechs announced for Lloyd's innovation programme.


VAKE develops Maritime Domain Awareness by processing multispectral satellite images with cutting edge machine learning. Theirship detections provides a focal point for maritime operations.

WeGaw (Switzerland)

WeGaw is addressing the hydropower energy generation market and trading optimization, with snow & water data monitoring, using Earth Observation, remote sensing and machine learning technology.

WeGaw in the News:

Study to investigate impact of snow dynamics on Italian hydro plants
Wegaw has been selected by Enel and ESA to deliver a technical feasibility study of snow water equivalent values that would support a scalable nowcasting and forecasting energy generation solution for a cluster of hydropower plants across northern Italy.

EU startups
Swiss climate tech startup Wegaw raises €974k to help companies and governments move towards Net Zero

ABOVE Space - was Orbital Assembly Corporation (USA)

ABOVE: Space Development Corporation, previously known as Orbital Assembly, is developing gravity-capable space stations for Earth orbit and in Cislunar space.
Space Ventures Investors is a minority investor.

Above Space and NASA Agreement: HUNTSVILLE, AL…July 14, 2023 – Above Space Development Corporation has signed an Umbrella Space Act Agreement (SAA) with NASA.
Fox Business: Orbital Assembly Corp. hits $1M fundraising goal, aims to have luxury space hotel open in 2027.

SpaceStore.co (UK)

SpaceStore.co is a physical retail focussed shop in Oxford, United Kingdom.
They sell merchandise, toys, games and offer educational and entertaining virtual reality space experiences.
As of July 2023, Space Store will sell physical Lunar Maps published by Lunar Resources Registry.
Image description: Simon Drake (right), Managing Director of Space Ventures Investors, meets with Stephen Ringler (let) Managing Director of Space Store, outside the Oxford Space Store in June, 2023.

Space Stocks / Equities, Space SPACs

Space Stocks - Space Ventures Investors is also an investor in selected space stocks and SPACs that are making and operating satellites, robotics, artificial intelligence, data, communications, manufacturing space-hardened equipment, and developing space tourism.
To find out more, visit our page dedicated to Space Stocks.