Earth Observation and AI for Agriculture.
Earth Observation and AI for Agriculture.
Agriculture, Earth Observation is a French company offering Earth Observation and AI services to Agriculture customers.

They have developed a platform to analysw of satellite imagery and make it accessible across various industries. Their mission, sparked by the founders’ realization of the high complexity and potential of satellite imagery applications, is to democratize this technology for broader use, particularly in mitigating climate change. Their platform is designed to be user-friendly, enabling data scientists and developers to create geospatial solutions using AI without needing specific expertise in remote sensing.

The platform offers several key features, such as providing analysis-ready data from numerous satellite sources, data enrichment by merging various datasets, and preparing data for AI with dedicated tools that accelerate machine learning processes. SpaceSense aims to enhance productivity, reduce development time for new products, and enable users to manage large-scale operations effortlessly through cloud-based solutions. The company serves several industries; environment, insurance, agriculture, energy, and infrastructure.


Les Echos Executives: IA: SpaceSense leve 1 million pour decrypter l’imagerie satellit
AG Funder News: With $1.2m in fresh funding, SpaceSense sees satellite data as agtech’s next frontier.

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