Space Ventures Investors has over 10 years experience researching space, including start-ups, existing ventures, and equities. Our staff have over 50 years experience working in investment banking, finance, consulting, and follow many industry standards.

Our independent approach to researching space markets and technology has enabled us to pro-actively invest in emerging space companies developing the know-how and technology to compete in NewSpace and Space Resources; specifically Lunar resources exploration and extraction.

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Space Ventures Investors has invested in this nascent industry and continue to research opportunities in the field of Moon Mining: The Exploration and Extraction of Resources. At this stage, the most important activity is identifying strategic and resources locations.
Since 2023 Space Ventures Investors has begun implementing Artificial Intelligence into its research activities.
Space Ventures Investors has over 10 years experience in researching space investing, from start-ups to publicly listed companies.
Space Ventures Investors has been researching earth observation for over 10 years and has invested in three separate earth observation startups: SpaceSense, VAKE, and BirdsEyeView.
The Strategic Space Value Chain is any commercial space related business between earth and geo-synchronous orbit, focussed on low earth orbit and smaller satellites, and also includes long term commerical operations on the Moon and Near Earth Asteroids.
A developmental online map of global spaceports.
“The Ear” Concept: Lunar Far-Side Radio Telescope and Asteroid Observatory
The Next Trillionaires will be from Mining Asteroids (or Mining the Moon) but where and how does it all start? Mining Asteroids, and Space Resources in general, is at an early and accessible stage.
Space tourism: Suborbital or orbital? 5 minutes of weightlessness or days floating in a space station?
Space debris, not a Black Swan impairment on the space economy as it is a perfectly foreseeable problem in need of multiple solutions; prevention, mitigation, planning and forced removal.