Using AI for Space Research

Agriculture, Earth Observation, Insurance, Martime Surveillance, Moon Exploration, Space Economy

Why A.I., Why Now?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), or more aptly, consumer and SME focussed AI applications, enable SVI to strategically sort through what can only be described as waves of data; research, news, reports; external and internal.

The earth observation industry has streamlined AI and ML to crunch through the terabytes of data streaming down every day for ever increasing numbers of satellites. SVI has already invested in multiple Earth Observation start-ups, who integrate the latest trends in AI into their workflow and business models.

Previously SVI has used Machine Learning (ML) in its joint venture Lunar Resources Registry to ascertain where on the Moon’s surface are high concentrations of titanium and iron. This work proved successful in determining top locations where Mining the Moon for Metals may become a realistic commercial operation.

Using AI for Space Research

SVI now uses A.I., normally various applications (from ChatGPT, to Microsoft’s Co-pilot, and Google’s Gemini) to drill-down and deep-dive to focus research on various space topics, including and of course not limited to:

  • New Space companies; their technology, funding and success
  • Public funding of space, mainly North America and Europe
  • Research assisting our Strategic Space Value Chain
  • Space Investing Trends

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