Space Investing Advisory

Agriculture, CisLunar, Earth Observation, GEO, Hydro Observation, Insurance, Launch, LEO, Lunar Resources, Martime Surveillance, Moon, Orbital Servicing, Retail, Space Economy

Space Ventures Investors (SVI) has over 10 years experience in researching space investing.

SVI is independent, has to date invested its own capital, and provided mainly pre-seed and seed funding to space start-ups. As part of the investing process SVI has undertaken Due Diligence, examining new and evolving technology and growing markets.

Case Studies:

SVI was an early investor in 2019 and 2020 in newly formed Earth Observation (EO) start-ups. At the time there was a wave of innovation in this sector. SVI was able to get in early in start-ups where were each addressing different sectors of the Earth Observation market.

BirdsEyeView: InsurTech. Leveraging EO for agriculture insurance.

SpaceSense: Leveraging downstream EO data for agriculture and building unique AI tools

Vake: Maritime surveillance of dark ships, a growing theme in defence and environmental industries.

WeGaw: Using EO data to measure snowfall that will eventually power Hydroelectricity.

Space Stocks

SVI has also bought and sold space stocks based on prudent evaluation of technology, business models, and market conditions. Note: Investing in space stocks is inherently risky because volatility of favoured space stocks (up and down) plus market conditions create intersecting cycles.

SVI has created a general research platform for investors who are interesting in investing in space stocks and fund.

Space Investing as a Service.

SVI offers services in this field, from workshopping concepts, to research, pitching, to launches and to campaigns.


Analysis of concepts in relation to the Strategic Space Value Chain.

Preliminary forecasting of demand, customers, and end-markets for the space sector.

Strategic decision making, e.g. is the concept worth scaling-up or just a niche space tech innovation.

Technology Overview

What technology already exists, what has to re-tooled, what has to be developed, and who are the stakeholders involved? SVI can provide a technology roadmap for growing a new business in emerging space commerce sectors.

Business Models

SVI is active in modelling space products, from earth observation software right through to orbiting infrastructure projects, forecasting demand out to 10 or 20 years in the growing space and CisLunar economy.

Financing Roadmap

SVI can assist in the planning for financing now and in the future, identifying incubators and seed investors, and lastly the potential future investors (e.g. Series A, B) and their preferences.

Business Development

Market research: Further defining and refining the commercial space product or service in relation to international competitors.

Marketing strategies: Setting and refining Key Performance Indicators and Milestones.

Conducting Campaigns; B2B, GOV, B2C etc.

Specific Business Development: target the right customers with the right approach.

Closing deals.

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