Space Commodities Exchange

Invest in CisLunar Space
Invest in CisLunar Space
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Space Commodities Exchange (SCX) is an enabler. From re-fuelling satellites with earth-based deliveries, to supplying moon bases with commodities, and out to forward-ordering minerals from asteroids to manufacturing in space, these and many more technological advances will be enabled by SCX.

The concept and technical framework of a Space Commodities Exchange to fuel (via orbiting space docks and tanks built to fuel and re-fuel) and support a NewSpace economy and CisLunar operations, has been developed over 5 years. It is a turn-key blueprint for developing such a project. The intellectual property underpinning SCX was developed by Space Ventures Investors and partners, including Orbital Transports.


The Ex Terra Podcast: Trading Commodities In Space.

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