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Space Education UK
Space Education UK
Education is a physical retail focussed shop in Oxford, United Kingdom.
They sell merchandise, toys, games and offer educational and entertaining virtual reality space experiences.


Space Store offers a variety of space themed products and astronomy items. Their range includes space apparel, 3D printed globes, gadgets and games, books, and posters and prints. These products are designed for space enthusiasts and anyone interested in space exploration and astronomy.

Education: From Space Virtual Reallity to Workshops

Space Store offers immersive experiences that allow customers to engage with space exploration in interactive ways, including VR experiences, educational workshops, and events designed to bring space closer to Earth.

As of July 2023, Space Store will sell physical Lunar Maps published by Lunar Resources Registry.

Image description: Simon Drake (right), Managing Director of Space Ventures Investors, meets with Stephen Ringler (let) Managing Director of Space Store, outside the Oxford Space Store in June, 2023.

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