Insurtech earth observation
Insurtech earth observation
Agriculture, Earth Observation, Insurance

BirdsEyeView’s business model revolves around providing climate and natural catastrophe analytics for underwriting purposes.

They aggregate petabytes of meteorological data from various sources like satellites, radar, and ground stations to offer a globally homogeneous dataset. Their services, such as WEATHER ANALYTIX™ and RAPTOR™, enable underwriters to assess exposure to emerging climate risks. These tools offer cloud-based global tail-risk assessments and API connectivity for integrating with internal pricing models, facilitated by a partnership with the European Space Agency.

The technology, since its launch in December 2022, has been adopted by number of headline Lloyd’s and London market insurers.
BirdsEyeView’s clients include Liberty Specialty, Arch Insurance, Cincinnati Financial, Convex, and more.

Space Ventures Investors is an early-stage investor.

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