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Space Ventures Investors is a small and flexible company that researches:

  • Listed space companies, including aerospace companies with space businesses, and public space companies; from large established players to smaller enterprises.
  • Space Commerce for Investors: We provide Space Commerce Presentations / Reports that are free to download.
  • Propriety Space Investor information and data drawn from our own CRM (covering commercial space opportunities) and metrics on space investors. Due to our own internal policies, personal identities of space investors can not be provided without consent.

Space Ventures Investors also has an extensive network of space companies that are at an early stage of raising capital or seeking to raise more capital; their unique business models that cover invidual verticals of space commerce, provide in total, a strategic overview of what's happening in early stage space commerce. This in-house research highlights where, why, and how to invest in space commerce.

Space Commerce Presentations

The Space Commerce Presentations are in-house research documents that takes a short and long-term view of Investing in Space Strategies themes, including:

  • Space Commerce Investment Opportunities, e.g. Satellites, Rocket Delivery Systems, Space Debris, Space Tourism
  • Current themes, e.g. the showdown between NASA Space Launch Systems and SpaceX’s Re-usable rockets
  • What is Negative for Space Commerce
  • Looking Forward 5, 10 and 20 years
  • Topics of interest also include Lower Launch Costs, Space Infrastructure, Global Internet, Sub-Orbital Space Tourism, Space Weapons, Mars Colonies, and Space Elevators.

For Space Advocates and Space Enthusiasts, our research is freely available.
If you have any ideas or information that may help us shape our views on Space Commerce, then get in contact with us.

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Space Commerce Presentation 2015

Space Commerce Presentation Download the Space Ventures Investors Space Commerce Presentation 2015 (PDF - 34 pages)

Space Commerce Presentation 2016

Space Commerce Presentation Download the Space Ventures Investors Space Commerce Presentation 2016 (PDF - 23 pages)

Space Commerce Presentation 2017 - Focus on China

Chinese Space Companies Download the Overview of Chinese Space Commerce Companies (PDF - 14 pages)

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Dot-com & Media Billionaires Invest in Space

Space Commerce Players and Market Verticals: Many existing space related companies are well positioned to step-up and grow into new space verticals.

Space Commerce Strategy and Space Industry Research

From the Cold War to the rise of Commercial Satellites and Planetary Robotic Missions

Invest in the Next Space Race

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