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You've seen the SpaceX launches and the development of Virgin Galactic and XCOR in the mainstream media. The implications are well above that of re-usable rockets and first class tickets to space; new markets are opening up, space commerce is here yet the exact niches are yet to be defined.

The lowering of the cost of launch and the inevitability of space tourism are just the beginning.

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High Net Worth Individuals / Family Trusts / Angel Investors

The spontaneous generation of wealth, the preservation of capital throughout the generations, and the opportunities that come once in a lifetime, are real and tangible events that need to be researched, modelled and strategically invested in.

For astute High Net Worth investors there are varying entry points into growing space commerce verticals, it is merely a question of risk appetite and expectations on the return on investment.

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Corporate / Venture Capital / Private Equity

The rapid scaling-down of launch costs, the reality that the race for low-hanging space resources ( asteroid mining and moon bases included) is underway, the miniaturization of space technology like CubeSats, the downstream data applications for B2C and B2B markets, and the new talent making it all happen, is the next market to be in, and ahead of the curve.

For consultancy and due diligence on space commerce business models, and game-changing disruptive space investments, get in contact.

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Space Commerce Portfolio
Space Commerce Portfolio
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Our Vision for Investing in Space is very simple:

1. Create space investments that channel investor capital into profitable space commerce businesses.

2. Ensure that investor capital, via Space Ventures Investors, has a growing, long-lasting and transformational role in space commerce.

3. Space Investors are decision makers - Input and Voting from our investors shape how we invest in space.

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Simon Drake - Co-Founder and Managing Director

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Survey: Investing in Space Commerce

Apart from your risk appetite and return on investment expectations, what vertical in space commerce interests you?
Complete this simple survey, share with us what you think about investing in space, and you could win an antique Sci-Fi movie ad.

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Space Ventures Communications

Space Ventures Communications is a division of Space Ventures Investors that is focussed on researching and communicating to the global space commerce community.

Space-fans use a variety of platforms (social media, apps, events etc) and networks (formal, informal, educational etc) to communicate, promote themselves, and in the case of social media, filter aggregated space commerce related information.

If you would like to reach out to a specific sub-set of space commerce community, then get in contact.

Our Network of Space Investing Websites

Space CrowdFund - A niche Equity CrowdFunding platform just for space companies and space start-ups.
Space Resources - Get an overview of investing in Space Resources, and investing in Asteroid Mining Companies.
Space Tourism - Find out about investing in Space Tourism Companies.
Invest in Space - Basic information on how to invest in space.

Space Ventures Investors Research...

Our team are passionate about space. We do our own research and evaluation that in turn shapes our investing in space strategies.

Our Space Investing Strategy:

Longevity, to be scalable, anti-fragile, and to take advantage of every market opportunity, while remaining focussed on investing in space and balancing risk.
Fortune favours the brave - Roman proverb

Space Investing Strategy

Space Investing Portfolio

Our portfolio evolves as more space related technology becomes available, yet is also anchored on existing space related stocks and private companies that have proven business models.

Space Investing Portfolio

Space CrowdFund

Thought of CrowdFunding a Space Mission?
Space Ventures Investors is currently designing an equity crowdfund for space.

Space Commerce Presentation

Our 2015 guide to Space Commerce; trends, space shares, space companies, and where they are all heading...

Space Commerce Presentation

Space Commerce Road Map

The Map and the Territory meets Take the lead and let the others follow. Find out how we see space commerce as an emerging market...

Space Road Map


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Companies, Legislation, Discoveries - All the important news that drives the Modern Space Age.

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