Invest in Our Strategic Space Value Chain

Our research, capital and expertise is funnelled into a Strategic Space Value Chain of space commerce companies; from equities to start-ups and companies.
We plot their opportunities in space

Advisory for
Space Investors

Individuals and Private Investors: Invest in a broad range of space companies.
Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors, High Net Worth, Family Trusts: Seed disruptive space commerce players.
Corporate, Venture Capital, Private Equity: Gain exposure to industry changing, scaling-up infrastructutre sized projects.

Advisory for
Space Companies

For Space Start-ups and Companies:

  • Capital Raising; strategies, representation, modelling, crowdfunding.
  • Entry to Market; approaches for B2C, B2B, NGO, GOV.
  • Scaling-up; how to and with who.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions; options and positioning.
  • Exits and a Road Map to an IPO

Our Current Deal Flow...

Space Ventures Investors (SVI) currently has access to emerging and established companies raising capital, in areas such as:


An unmanned, re-usable orbital vehichle capable of space debris removal, delivering small satellites, and manufacturing in space.

Small Satellites

Numerous small satellie makers are offering different approaches and technologies, seeking funding at various levels.

Earth Observation meets A.I.

An intercontinental autonomous navigation system for shipping.

Space Infrastructure

Building out the space infrastructure from Earth's geosynchronous orbit to the Moon, servicing Government and Private operations.

Space Resources

Long-term business models, including asteroid mining, but focussed on Lunar business cases.

2018 H2 Activities....

Mentoring as part of the Copernicus Accelerator program
Simon Drake is a mentor for Deep Blue Globe, a German start-up developing artificial intelligence solutions for the maritime industry based on Earth observation data and satellite services. For more information read the Copernicus Accelerator July 2018 Newsletter.

Advisory: including Capital Raising, Business Modeling, Business Development
We are currently advising new space companies and investors on capital raising, entry points, business modelling and business development.

Space Due Diligence
Current activities include Space Resources Due Diligence preperation, visit our Due Diligence page for more information.

Space CrowdFund
Upgrading Space CrowdFund; offering a niche service to blend space investors with new funding technology and regulations.

Capital Raising Rounds
Space Ventures Investors is preparing its own Private Placement for international investors, following the Financial Conduct Authority (UK) guidelines to be a approved investment.

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Space Investing

An Overview of Space Ventures Investors

A Shareholder Driven Company

The founders that built Space Ventures Investors and the investors that come on board share the same vision:

Research space commerce to invest in revenue-generating space companies.

If you are interested, find out more about investing in Space Ventures Investors and get in contact Space Entrepreneurs

Get in Contact, be on our Radar

We actively search for Space Companies that:
1. Fit into our Strategic Space Value Chain of well positioned space commerce companies.
2. Can be included in our Presentations and Space Research. We follow trends in NewSpace and how the space industry is evolving.

If you would like to be on radar and share what you do, get in contact with us.

An Active Media Presence

As part of our effort to educate new space investors, Space Ventures Investors is a contributor to various media outlets relating to the growing interest in space investing.

We are also @spaceventuresi on Twitter and spaceventuresinvestors on facebook. on Facebook-

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