What is a Space Share?

Since Space Ventures Investors Limited (SVI) was incorporated in 2014, its main focus has been to offer European and international investors a Space Share as a means to participate in the growing and evolving space industry.

To date, from capital raised, SVI has invested in multiple early stage in space companies, plus spin-outs / joint ventures that are zeroing in on the next game-changer: Space Resources, or more succinctly and within our generational timeframe, Lunar Exploration and Extraction of Resources.

SVI aims to also invest, when appropriates in selected space stocks and funds that fulfill a function and adhere to an overall Strategic Space Value Chain philosophy.

The Space Share is a Class A Share, each with 1 voting right.

As the portfolio of SVI grows, the price of a Space Share has risen.
For SVI’s 2024 capital raising, Space Shares are for sale at £20. A minimum quantity is 10.
To participate, get in contact to request more detailed information.
Note: SVI follows procedures as per the Financial Conduct Authority when screening and onboarding new investors, e.g. AML, KYC.