Over 10 Years of Attendance at European Space Events

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Space Ventures Investors Ltd, represented by the co-founders Simon Drake and Kevin Mac Gowan, has been a visitor at numerous European Space related events for over 10 years.

The strategy is to maintain a presence, meet founders of new innovative space companies, build relationships with existing space companies, exchange information with fellow investors; including individuals, venture capital and institutional investors.

Crucial to any attendance, be it in person or online, is to query space engineers as to the viability of forward-looking concepts. Actual rocket scientists, experienced mission planners, and policymakers at space agencies, have a wealth of information that helps build a framework of what is possible in the new space economy.

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Simon Drake at ESTEC, talking at a workshop on space commercialisation.

Previous and Ongoing Space Conferences

Hessen in Space in Germany.

Industry Space Days, organised by ESA.

Paris Space Week in France.

Global Navigation meets Geoinformation, in Darmstadt, Germany. Changed to Ad Astra Summit, organised by CESAH.

Space Resources Week, Luxembourg. Organised by ESRIC.

Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen, Germany.

ILA Berlin, Germany.

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