About Space Ventures Investors

Space Ventures Investors Limited (SVI) has developed early stage investing expertise in European and US space startups, including conducting due diligence and proprietary research.

SVI has successfully invested in several operational earth observation startups, one emerging launch company, plus early-stage Lunar Resources, Lunar Landers, and Space Commodities ventures.

As space evolves so too does SVI. The next wave of innovation will be infrastructure-level operations, such as launch solutions that are cheaper and more environmentally friendly, space ports, space based solar power, the extraction of resources from the surface of the moon, orbital servicing, space debris prevention and mitigation, and orbiting data centres.

SVI is operated by its co-founders and is a shareholder driven company. To participate, get in contact.

Why Invest with Space Ventures Investors Limited?

Since it’s incorporation in 2014, Space Ventures Investors has followed the rise and cycles of space investing, reached out to space and tech investors to understand what they want via various surveys and one-on-one conversations. After 10 years of research, and the last 5 years of building a portfolio, the demand for a flexible investment in space exploration and strategy to do so evolves but one constant factor is to build a portfolio of space companies, that represents the many different and growing space verticals.

SVI’s in-house research Strategic Space Value Chain is used to map and monitor the growth of space verticals.

As an investor, SVI offers a portfolio approach but with an added touch: SVI is a shareholder company, managed by its founders, and can allocate its capital to innovative founders developing ahead of the curve space innovation technology.

What We Do

• Developing, supporting and funding space-focussed businesses.

• Investing in, incubating, and co-founding innovative space companies.

• SVI uses its extensive network to bring individuals and companies together to execute highly technical business plans.

• We are global. We operate from Frankfurt, London and Paris.

How We Do It

• Smart acquisitions: SVI leverages European and US space networks to find the best positioned start-ups within their respective market.

• Adding value: SVI uses its in-house proprietary research and networks to add value as a shareholder and develop strategic partnerships.

• Research is at the core of what we do: We have over 10 years of experience in researching emerging space opportunities in technology and business ventures.

• Advocacy: SVI is also an advocate for lobbying governments to increase their budget allocation into the space resources sector.