Hessen in Space

Agriculture, Communication, Education, GEO, Space Economy

The management of Space Ventures Investors representing Lunar Resources Registry are frequent attendees to Hessen in Space in Germany.

Hessen is one of the states in Germany, also home to the European Space Agency operations centre. The state government of Hessen is supportive of the existing space industry and potential innovations. They have begun regular yearly events showcasing space companies in Hessen, local innovation and European technical integration.

Below: 2nd of June 2023, Lunar Resources Registry presented a physical Open Lunar Registry ‘Lunar Map’ to the Minister Präsident (Governor) of the State of Hessen Dr. Boris Rhein, as well as the State Coordinator for Space in Hessen, Professor Johann Wörner (former Director General of ESA). Left to right: Professor Johann Wörner, Dr. Boris Rhein, Unknown, Kevin Mac Gowan, and Simon Drake (right).