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how to invest in spacex

You've kept up to date with SpaceX launches, Virgin Galactic test flights, and the new technological innovations to send humans to the Moon or Mars, and return them.
The implications are well above that of re-usable rockets and first class tickets to space; new markets are opening up, space commerce is here yet the exact niches are yet to be defined.

The lowering of the cost of launch and the inevitability of space tourism are just the beginning. Yet how do you invest in space when there are so many companies, technologies, and start-ups?

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Entrepreneurs / Angel Investors / High Net Worth / Family Trusts

The gradual generation of wealth, the preservation of capital throughout the generations, and the opportunities that come once in a lifetime, are real and tangible events that need to be researched, modelled and strategically invested in.

For High Net Worth and Angel Investors there are different strategic investments that can be made into space commerce; To be part of it, it is merely a question of risk appetite, expectations on the return on investments, and knowing what to invest in.

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Corporate / Venture Capital / Private Equity

Space Investing Research

The scaling-down of launch costs, plus the tooling-up of developing economies into high-tech space hubs, means that new space manufacturing, production and services companies will have a competitive advantage.

Part of their growth will be through Mergers and Acquistions, Financing, and potential IPOs.
Right now the miniaturization of space technology like CubeSats, the downstream data applications for B2C and B2B markets, and the new talent making it all happen, is the next market to be in.

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Our Current Deal Flow...

Space Ventures Investors (SVI) currently has access to emerging and established companies raising capital, in areas such as:


An unmanned, re-usable orbital vehichle capable of space debris removal, delivering small satellites, and manufacturing in space.

Small Satellites

Numerous small satellie makers are offering different approaches and technologies, seeking funding at various levels.

Earth Observation meets A.I.

An intercontinental autonomous navigation system for shipping.

Space Infrastructure

Building out the space infrastructure from Earth's geosynchronous orbit to the Moon, servicing Government and Private operations.

Space Resources

Long-term business models, including asteroid mining, but focussed on Lunar business cases.

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