The Space Commerce Portfolio: Access all of Space with One Investment.

Medium Risk, Exit in 3 Years

Now You Can Invest in a Space Commerce Portfolio

For International Investors who want to be part of a Portfolio of International Space Companies. Invest from as little as USD$1,000.
Throughout history, the expansion of civilizations has required finance from states, corporations and individuals. The funding for the exploration of space will be no different.
In recent history, the volatility of the financial markets and the nature of fiscal management has reshaped consumer investment behavior: Risk appetite has changed, so too various types of investments available.
People are more autonomous in their investing decisions and there are many investment options available, yet few like the Space Ventures Investors Space Commerce Portfolio.
Primarily the Space Commerce Portfolio invests in space related areas based on a mid- to long-term investment strategy. This is to facilitate strategic and transparent investments in firms that have a long-term view on developing space products, services, hardware, technology, launch vehicles and vehicles (including satellites and even low orbit hotels) for the space industry.
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The Space Commerce Portfolio is split between investing in:

  • Private Space Companies; From the start-ups to large ventures.
  • Publically Listed Space Companies; By investing directly in our Space Stocks Portfolio (to save on administration costs).

The investing strategy is:

  1. For Private Space Companies: Long-term strategic investments in new and existing space companies that are meeting current or future demand, e.g. Space Tourism, Small Satellite Communications, Launch Solutions, e.g. re-usable rockets, more efficient launch solutions.
  2. For Publically Listed Space Companies, holding long-term strategic positions, and trading on Short-term micro trends.
  3. Preservation of investor capital.
  4. Adpating to new investment opportunities.

Space investors can measure the success of start-ups and well established space companies, yet it is difficult to invest directly in them. The larger companies have a high minimum investment threshold (sometimes in the millions), and smaller space companies are sometimes at too early a stage to be understood by new investors.
Space Commerce Portfolio is a managed and risk averse broad investment in commercial space companies and is open to small, retail and private investors, as well as larger investors, like families, corporations and private equity.

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Introducing a Balanced Space Commerce Portfolio...

The Space Commerce Portfolio is designed for retail level private investors and firms that want to invest in ‘space commerce’.
As an individual you can commit US$1,000 or more.
As a company you can commit US$5,000 or more.
The Space Commerce Portfolio Invests in:
Space Stocks Portfolio: From Satellites (manufacturers, owners and operators) to Large Aerospace Companies, Small-Medium Space Companies, niche Space Technology like Space 2.0; Data, Robotics, and Energy applications for in space, and new Space Company IPOs.
Space Tourism: Private companies that are developing sub-orbital and orbit space tourism craft, their business plans are sound yet their technology still needs time and capital to develop.
Space Resources: From Asteroid Mining / Asteroid Harversting to Lunar Bases, Space Resources is an alternative and exotic investment class where the return on investment expectations are in decades, not years. There are new companies working on extracting resources like water and precious metals from the numerous asteroids in our solar system. Space Resources is a very disruptive future industrial development that will speed up some global economies and scale up space capabilities forever.
Space Infrastructure: The space infrastructure that is in place now for global communication and that supports multi-national space missions continues to grow as space missions increase in complexity and numbers.
Niche sectors of space tech included in Space Infrastructure are:

  • The cleaning up of Space Debris, an important part of keeping all space technology operational.
  • Space Exploration; wide ranging, considering the numerous companies involved in the design, parts, software and management of space exploration vehicles
  • Earth related services for the space industry, e.g. advanced telescopes, tracking and removing space debris
  • Space Exploration related companies, e.g. the makers of the parts for Mars rovers and deep space probes.

Launch & Transport: The shift from one-time rockets to re-usable rockets, and the use of horizontal take-off planes to climb to space, will lower the cost of entry to space.
Space Startups: Heard of NewSpace and Space 2.0? Space Startups include downstream satellite data applications (think of location based Applications), robots in space, in-orbit energy capture and storage, small satellite swarms, and much more. This is an ever exciting field because every year more talented individuals and teams are applying themselves to new more intelligent, affordable and accessible space technology.
Precious Metals, Bonds: Long-term capital preservation.
Cash: Short-term capital allocation.
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