Space Tourism

Space Tourism is a start-up industry backed by substantial long-term solid investment and technological innovation.

The transition from concept to reality can only occur when technology meets the requirements of a space craft capable of space tourism – to go up, and back, safely, again and again.

Space Tourism will not be just an extravagant trip, it will also be a milestone for humanity and a turning point for the tourists; where else can they go after a journey into the next frontier?
As the demand for space tourism expands, the price decreases and then space tourism will evolve into a regular activity; the process of launch, weightlessness and landing will be available for more and more adventurers.

Currently the evolution of Space Tourism is experiencing an acceleration, fueled by the creativity of engineers, entrepreneurs, investors, and most importantly of all, the customers.
Listed below are some of the well know space tourism operators and some up and coming ventures that will one day revolutionize space tourism.

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Sub-orbital Flights have gained much of the focus of space tourism and the market is expected to bloom as soon as safe, reliable and profitable vehicles are operational.
Already there are a number of sub-orbital craft under development or soon to be operational and reservations have already been made.
Current prices vary between $95,000 and $250,000 U.S. Dollars, and are expected to lower to $50,000 within 10 years

Currently the space tourism buzz is on three contenders that have already stated estimated prices:


Orbital Space Tourism is still at an early stage. To date only one firm, Bigelow, has placed prototype orbital accommodation in orbit.
As sub-orbital tourism takes off, it is inevitable that orbital will follow.
True orbital space stations also rely on the means of ferrying visitors (tourists and scientists) to and from them.
To date, there are only two contenders for those wishing to 'stay' in space:

  • SpaceX is active in developing the capability to ferry space tourists into orbit.
  • Major Contender: Private Space Habitats by Bigelow Aerospace
  • Concept Stage: Galactic Suite Space Resort

Space Tourism Companies

These Space Tourism Companies actively offer space tourism.

  • Inbloon
  • Space Adventures
  • Space Expedition Corporation
  • Virgin Galactic

Organizing tours in space depends on the reliability of the infrastructure (e.g. space ports) and providers.

In time, more Space Tourism Operators will rise to meet the consumer demand.


Investors in Space Tourism