Investor Relations

Space Ventures Investors Limited (SVI) is raising capital from early investors from March 25th until May 31st 2019.

SVI is open to direct investment only from applicants known to SVI, including:
‣ Individuals: Investors (they may have to be Accredited Investors relative to their jurisdiction) who want to invest in a space-related business, and people who have worked in finance.
‣ Corporations: Commercial entities who want a strategic investment in space commerce.
‣ Venture Capital: International VCs that want a strategic investment in space commerce, including downstream space-start-ups.

Note: This is not an offer of public shares. All potential shareholders will be subject to internal Due Diligence, and the sign-up process is in accordance with the United Kingdom's Financial Conduct Authority.

Space Ventures Investors Limited is a private company, is incorporated in the UK, and is owned by co-founders and shareholders.

Capital Raising for U.S. Non-Accredited Investors

SVI is developing a specific Capital Raising (Private Placement) that is tailored to U.S. Citizens who are Non-Accredited or Sophisticated Investors.
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Read about our plans to leverage Security and Utility Tokens

We are now researching Space Commerce Blockchain Solutions to forge a new era of space exploration investing. Find out more.

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Capital Raising for Space Company

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