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We have an active Mainstream and Social Media Presence to raise the profile of space investing and educate new space investors.
We are a contributor to various media outlets relating to the growing interest in space investing and do offer contrarian views on business models and investments in the space sector.

Space Investment Related News selected from multiple online news sources.

Space investing - Morgan Stanley - Space investing became real this year as Morgan Stanley hosts packed NYC investor summit. CNBC

An investor’s guide to space - Wall Street’s next trillion-dollar industry. CNBC

Special Report: A tragedy of the commons - Satellite Finance. An overview of the space debris threat.

Virgin Galactic begins SpaceShipTwo glide flights - Space News. Virgin Galactic's space tourism business is back on track.

Elon Musk and others discuss successful Vertical landing of SpaceX Dragon CRS-8 . YouTube - Post launch news conference.

Planetary Resources Raises $21.1 Million in Series A Funding; Unveils Advanced Earth Observation Capability .
Effects of changing economics on space architecture and engineering . The global space economy did not contract, even in 2009, and its growth exceeded the general economy in every year except 2010, reaching $330 billion in 2014. - The Space Review.

From the Deutsche Bank Multi-Asset research Konzept report, an article titled: Space exploration — billionaires falling back to earth . (PDF Download)

From the Tauri Group, an in-depth overview of who is investing in space companies: Start-Up Space - Rising Investment in Commercial Space Ventures . (PDF Download)

From Air Space Mag, SpaceX completes a commercial space mission and a valuable reusable rocket test: A Falcon 9 first stage makes a controlled landing 10 minutes after launch.
Elon Musk says that the SpaceX Rocket Landing "Is a giant leap toward a City on Mars." - Space.com
The questions still remains: How to invest in SpaceX reusable rockets, and how to fund a commercial Mars Base, including sourcing investment for space exploration in general.

Quartz: US Congress passes the first US space law for Asteroid Mining - Legislation creates a pro-growth environment for commercial space industry by encouraging investment and ensuring a more stable regulatory regime.

Telegraph: Satellite stars: The British companies at science's final frontier - An overview of British Space Satellite Companies.

BBC: Rocketing Prices - the Investors Eyeing the Riches of Space  - A growing variety of commercial space enables private investors the opportunity to invest in space..

Colorado Space News: Space Mineral Resources (SMR) can benefit humanity and become an economic game changer.

Forbes: Asteroid Mining Valuations with some sketchy precious metals valuations.

Tim Draper talks about Venture Capital Space Investing: Bloomberg video Rocket Fueled Space Investments.

China's Space Program, and the Financing of Space: CNN article New world order in space - Why China stands out.

Astrophysicist: "Space Ventures Will Spawn First Trillionaire" - An interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson onCNBC's On the Money. The interview ends with: "In many ways, I see myself as a servant of people's cosmic appetite..."

Highlights from the UK Space Conference - Increasing Investor Sentiment in the Space Sector.

US Prepares for Space Warfare - The creeping Militarisation of Space: Official and un-official escalation.

Spaceflight Industries Raises Over $20 Million $27.5 million rasied from three venture capital firms, activities include launching 87 small spacecraft from a SpaceX Falcon 9.

Microsoft Co-founder to launch rockets into space - Stratolaunch Systems is developing 'Roc', a massive plane to carry rockets closer to space.

Google Lunar X Prize Teams Astrobotic and Hakuto sharing a ride to the moon? - Astrobotic, and Hakuto, both recipients of Milestone Prizes, are sharing a ride to the moon, and if they win, the prize money. This is an important step in the Google Lunar X Prize because combining teams; technology and skills, is integral to building a succesful private mission to the moon.

Satellite Fleet Operators competiting against New Space - Investment Analysts with their projections and investor mindeset verses Rocket Scientists who are actively responsible for launching and holding satellites in orbit?

SpaceNews: Google Invests US$900m in SpaceX - Search engine giant Google Inc. said it invested $900 million in SpaceX “to support continued innovation in areas of space transport, reusability and satellite manufacturing.”

Private Space Investments Will Reach $10 Billion This Year - Make way for money—investors are bullish on space.

Fortune: An Asteroid Mining Executive at Davos - Chris Lewicki, CEO of Planetary Resources,  plans to dig for water on Asteroids.

Turf Wars in the Russian Space Industry - New reforms, priorities and plans, or just politics?

CNN: Why is Fidelity investing in SpaceX? - Including inverview with Elon Musk: From space race to space war.

Forbes: Virgin And Qualcomm Are Investing In Satellite Internet Company OneWeb - OneWeb aims to build and launch a satellite constellation (648 low-weight, low orbit, low latency satellites that work with mobile providers) that provides internet to end users where it’s too expensive to provide internet connections conventionally.