Our Portfolio

We invest in pre-seed, and seed-stage start-ups, that are part of our research focus. We are always looking for new ideas from teams and founders. The strategy behind our portfolio is to solve existing inefficiencies, and take advantages of new opportunities, in the emerging new space sector.

We also manage and grow our strategic joint-ventures and innovative spin-offs.

Orbital Assembly Corporation is the worlds first large scale space infrastructure company. They provide construction services using teleoperated construction machines, drones and pods.

BirdsEyeView harnesses high resolution satellite imagery to provide farmers and agribusinesses with uncomplicated weather risk insurance.

SpaceSense.ai is a French company offering Earth Observation and AI services to Agriculture customers.

Lunar Resources Registry (LRR) enables commercial and non-commercial organisations to acquire rights to explore and extract resources. By finding, registering, and trading the exploration and extraction rights for Lunar Resources and Moon Mining. 

Space Commodities Exchange (SCX) is an enablerFrom re-fuelling satellites with earth-based deliveries, to supplying moon bases with commodities, and out to forward-ordering minerals from asteroids to manufacturing in space, these and many more technological advances will be enabled by SCX.

SpaceStore.co is a UK B2C eCommerce platform for space-related products and a retail outlet, also offering Events and Experiences in Europe. 

Space Ventures Investors is also a long-term investor in selected space stocks that are making and operating satellites, robotics, artificial intelligence, data, communications, and manufacturing space-hardened equipment.

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