Manufacturing in Space

Facilitating LEO Commercialisation and In-Orbit Manufacturing

‣ Space industrial commerce is currently based on the International Space Station (ISS).
‣ This is a platform for the various publicly and privately funded research and technology demonstrators that form the basis on which to scale-up in In-Orbit Manufacturing.

SVI is researching:
‣ Commercial opportunities on the International Space Station, e.g. what terrestrial industries could profit from an ongoing operation on ISS.
‣ How the ISS can shift into a more commercial focussed platform for the early stages of In-Orbit Manufacturing.
‣ Orbiting facilities that can be used for in-orbit manufacturing, e.g. like the DLR Airbus Free Flyer modular.
‣ The Research and Development focussed companies (e.g. Pharmaceuticals), and industrial manufacturing applications, that require micro-gravity or zero gravity environments.

The goal for SVI is to:
‣ Facilitate commercial activity on the ISS.
‣ Support space startups and companies, plus non-space companies, in prototyping and manufacturing in space.
‣ Ultimately build up the in situ resource utilization supply chain of companies, such as Space Resources, where resources (e.g. water, previous metals, lunar regolith) are commodities are part of the industrial in-space manufacturing ecosystem.

Image sources:
Columbus Laboratory image from ESA.
LEO Modular Facilities from DLR.


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