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Have you ever imagined getting a job in the space industry, or wondered how to get your foot in the door?

Would you like to join a space start-up, or help shape the strategies in space companies?
Are you an astrophysicist looking for an interesting and expansive role, or just wanting to see what it is like to work for a space company?

Space Ventures Investors is currently looking for Advisors, Researchers and Interns from around the world, based on the following criteria:

  • Languages: Written and Spoken English, another language is a bonus, e.g. German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese.
  • Proficiency: An understanding of the space industry relative to your location.
  • Software: The standard MS Office package, PLUS something that relates to your skill set, e.g. Project Management, Animation, Design, Customer Relationship Management.
  • Online: An understanding of how to efficiently research technical information and use social media, and / or a good understanding of Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Time: Between 2 and 4 hours a week minimum. Internships are usually 9 weeks full-time, but we are flexible. Other poistions can be ongoing to suit your requirements.
  • Remuneration: Based on actual commitment, productivity and goals.
  • Location: Advisors and Internships are remote positions - all you need is your own work space and an internet connection.
  • Your USP: What is your unique selling point, or more to the point, what extraordinary skill can you bring to Space Ventures Investors?

The old saying is still the same - 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.

SVI is an innovative yet analytical company, and if youíre interested in a career in space (you donít have to be a rocket scientist to be a space intern) and can make an effort and see the potential of the latest space race, then get in contact with us (see below) or find out who we are and email us directly.

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