Our team can provide tailored support to entrepreneurs evolving in the Space eco-system. With our decades of combined experience, the Space Ventures Investors management team can help founders and executives navigate through each stage of a start-up’s growth.

From proof-of-concept to your very first minimal viable product (MVP), we have enabled founders to unlock the potential of their ventures through mentorship, participating in accelerators, incubators, and via our own investments.

Our expertise in the emerging space commerce sector is focussed on leveraging entrepreneurs and start-ups to find their profitable place in space.

Strategic Development & Analysis

From a MVP to a scalable market, our international experience in many space verticals enables us to provide tailored strategic advice, including strategies on market penetration, capital raising, exits and M&A opportunities.

Investment Due Diligence

Acting on behalf of investors (buy-side and sell-side) to perform due diligence on companies outside of SVI's portfolio, therefore providing an impartial and neutral approach to valuations.


From your proof-of-concept, to prototype or beta, to a MVP, our team of experts can advise you at every step to make the right choice in scaling up your product.

Seed Ramp-Up

Our team brings expertise to entrepreneurs. We convert technical business models and concepts into documents that investors understand and can easily evaluate.