Space Ventures Investors was founded in 2009 by Simon Drake and Kevin Mac Gowan.

They identified the potential of the next space race and how it will re-shape the global economy in the next hundred years, in the same way the previous industrial revolution had altered world history.

With their experience in founding new businesses, management, marketing and finance, they started work on the concept of making space a realistic investment option for everyone. Their vision is that going forward, investing in space can be done via financial products, enabling investors, both large and small, to profitably invest in the space industry and space commerce.

Space Ventures Investors Limited became a registered company in 2014.

During the last 3 years the core focus has been on indentifying space technoligical industry trends (e.g. how and where to invest, see latest in-house space commerce research) and understanding the different types of space investors. Now this information gathering is complete, Space Ventures Investors is moving forward with raising capital from individuals who have contacted them.

Corporate Responsibility

Space Ventures Investors supports by donations or crowdfunding the following organisations and projects:

The Team

Space Entrepreneurs that see the scope of a new and emerging frontier.

Simon Drake: Managing Director and Co-Founder, Business Development UK and Rest of World.

Kevin Mac Gowan: Director and Co-Founder, Business Development Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France.

Thomas Lazaridis: Director and Advistor

Simon Drake - Managing Director, Co-Founder, Operations

Simon Drake co-founded Space Ventures Investors in 2007 and is responsible for day-to-day operations and International Business Development.

Simon has shaped the marketing and investment strategy for Space Ventures Investors, thanks to his decades of experience working in finance, covering such areas as equities, fund management, corporate finance, management, and investment banking in London and Frankfurt, including working for investment banks such as Rothschild and Co, Jefferies, Goldman Sachs, and Houlihan Lokey.

He has also worked as a contractor for leading Management Consultancies, Public Relations firms and boutique investment banks, in international business development for an online marketing start-up in Frankfurt, project managed B2C and B2B websites and online and offline (Print, TV, radio) marketing strategies, and was also a volunteer Marketing Manager for White Label Space (a team competing in the Google Lunar X Prize).

He was previously part of the European Copernicus Masters Accelerator program, as a mentor for the space start-up Deep Blue Globe, who are developing algorithms, artificial intelligence, and deep learning software, to be applied to downstream satellite / earth observation data to enhance marine navigation; from route optimisation to autonomous voyages.

He is also President and one of the five co-founders of the Space Commodities Exchange, an international group focussed on planning and building out the infrastructure required to trade commodities such as water; extracted from the Moon to be used as propellant for satellites and deep space missions, and minerals mined from asteroids; vital for manufacturing in space or delivered back to earth.

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Kevin Mac Gowan - Director, Co-Founder, Business Development

Kevin Mac Gowan focusses on Business Development in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France.

Kevin has worked in management consultancies for many major brands in automotive, industry, retail and insurance. He has an extensive entrepreneurial background and is a proven and successful businesses developer. He has been in business for more than 25 years.

He was educated in Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, and the United States, and lives in Frankfurt am Main.

He sees the strategic and industrial significance of Space 2.0. and how it will impact the global economy.

He is fluent in English, German and French.

Thomas Lazaridis - Director and Advisor

Thomas Lazaridis works in Investment Advistory for Transport Infrastructure and Advises Space Ventures Investors.

He is fluent in English and French.

Space Commerce Analysts

Space Ventures Investors hires Space Commerce Analyts to research technoligcal trends in the space industry; lower cost of launch, the impact of small satellite swarms, the best use of Earth Observation data, and the downstream markets for aspiring space companies.
Other areas of research include Space Resources and Space Tourism.

Corporate Details

Registered Address

Space Ventures Investors Limited is a Registered Company in England, the United Kingdom. Company Number: 09340453

Registered address is:

Third Floor
207 Regent Street
United Kingdom

Postal Address

Space Ventures Investors Ltd
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