The Space Ventures Investors (SVI) Strategy

SVI has one specific business model: Invest in space commerce companies.

SVI is not a Venture Capital Fund for space companies, nor is it a financial institution (like a lender).

SVI may invest directly, or be a match-maker; bringing individuals, companies or syndicates into an investment.

SVI is based in Europe, is internationally focussed, and the people and companies that invest in SVI understand the overall strategy.

SVI as an Investor - Building a Strategic Space Value Chain

SVI is developing a Strategic Space Value Chain of space start-ups that complement each other, and even potentially compete with one another. The Strategic Space Value Chain is basically any commercial space related business between earth and geo-synchronous orbit, but more focussed on low earth orbit and smaller satellites.
Well established aerospace and space companies have the expertise, sometimes government funding, and proven technology, for billion dollar space infrastructure like launch services and communications satellites. While the goal of SVI is to be at that level in 10 years, currently the focus is on ambitious entrepreneurs and accessible technology that can open up space as a commercial market.

Low Cost Launch for Europe / MENA / Asia Pacific

  • Sub-Orbital; CubeSat and Small Satellites
  • Orbital (Satellites), up to 2 tonnes: Scale up to compete / disrupt established players

Making CubeSats and Small Satellites

  • CubeSats, ~10x10x10cm and NanoSats for research (e.g. Universities), hardware testing, space start-ups, space entrepreneurs
  • Small Satellites (~100kg); adaptable to carrying payloads for
  • Earth Observation (border and marine surveillance, environmental monitoring
  • Secure Data and Communications
  • Increasingly sophisticated; Can maintain and potentially change orbits, therefore working for multiple clients

Data, Mass-market B2B / B2C and Niche uses

  • From satellites for environmental monitoring, imagery, surveillance
  • Data in space; the next ‘step up’ where Big Data meets Space 2.0

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