Investor Relations

Space Ventures Investors Limited (SVI) is incorporated in the UK and is owned by co-founders and collaborators
SVI is raising capital via a Private Placement in 2018 to scale up its various activities and invest directly in strategicaly placed emerging space companies, and is open to direct investment from:

  • Individuals; Accredited Investors who want to invest in a space-related business.
  • Corporations; Commercial entities who want a strategic investment in space commerce.
  • Venture Capital; International VCs that want a strategic investment in space commerce, including downstream space-start-ups.

All potential shareholders will be subject to internal Due Diligence, and the sign-up process is in accodance with the United Kingdom's Financial Conduct Authority.

Space Entrepreneurs

The founders of Space Ventures Investors, Simon Drake and Kevin Mac Gowan, on a site visit at EUMETSAT in 2016. The display in the background shows live weather satellite imagery.

Due Diligence Requirements

SVI follows the UK Government's Money Laundering Regulations for processing investors.

Raising Capital and Regulations
SVI's capital raising does not involve any use of crypto-currencies or blockchain-based agreements.
Shareholder agreements are written in plain English.
You can read more at Companies House and the Financial Conduct Authority

Space Ventures Investors is raising capital

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