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Take the lead and let the others follow – Invest in Space Ventures Investors

Space Ventures Investors Limited (SVI) is incorporated in the UK and is 100% owned by founders.
SVI is planning to scale up its various activities and is open to direct investment from:

  • Individuals; People who want to invest in a space-related business.
  • Corporations; Commercial entities who want a strategic investment in space commerce.
  • Venture Capital; International VCs that want a strategic investment in space commerce, including downstream space-start-ups.
Currently there are two classes of shares:

Space Shares – A Passive Investment

If you an individual or institutional (e.g. corporate, funds, fund of funds), Space Shares are an ideal way to gain exposure to space commerce via a share in SVI.

  • Actively invest in space with one investment.
  • Receive dividends.
  • Shareholders vote on SVI’s strategies, e.g. creating new space related portfolios and which private space companies are of interest.
  • SpaceShares are transferrable to 3rd parties
  • Minimum allotment of £5,000.
  • If SVI does IPO, Space Shares can be converted to shares listed on the relevant exchanges.

Ordinary Management Shares – An Active Investment

If you would like to be a stake-holder and key decision maker in a space company that is focussed on space commerce and attracting investors to space, an allotment of Ordinary Management Shares in Space Ventures Investors offers you these advantages:

  • Be a shareholder in a first-mover space investment company.
  • Receive dividends.
  • Holders of Ordinary Management Shares are eligible to join the management team, or take on other roles.
  • Vote on space investment strategy, including portfolio allocation, private space investments, marketing and communications campaigns.
  • If part of the management team, and / or actively involved, engage in high level networking with space companies and space agencies.
  • Access to SVI's custom space commerce data; research, insights, strategies.

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