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Take the lead and let the others follow – Invest in Space Ventures Investors

Space Ventures Investors Limited (SVI) is incorporated in the UK and is 100% owned by founders.
SVI is raising capital planning to scale up its various activities and is open to direct investment from:

  • Individuals; Accredited Investors who want to invest in a space-related business.
  • Corporations; Commercial entities who want a strategic investment in space commerce.
  • Venture Capital; International VCs that want a strategic investment in space commerce, including downstream space-start-ups.
Space Entrepreneurs

The founders of Space Ventures Investors, Simon Drake and Kevin Mac Gowan, on a site visit at EUMETSAT in 2016. The display in the background shows live weather satellite imagery.

Transparent Capital Raising Activities

Space Ventures Investors Limited is using the following Equity CrowdFunding Platforms for raising capital.


Germany / Austria / Switzerland

Currently there are two classes of shares:

Space Shares – A Passive Investment

If you an individual or institutional (e.g. corporate, funds, fund of funds), Space Shares are an ideal way to gain exposure to space commerce via a share in SVI.

  • Actively invest in space with one investment.
  • Receive dividends.
  • Shareholders vote on SVI’s strategies, e.g. creating new space related portfolios and which private space companies are of interest.
  • SpaceShares are transferrable to 3rd parties
  • Minimum allotment of £5,000.
  • If SVI does IPO, Space Shares can be converted to shares listed on the relevant exchanges.

Ordinary Management Shares – An Active Investment

If you would like to be a stake-holder and key decision maker in a space company that is focussed on space commerce and attracting investors to space, an allotment of Ordinary Management Shares in Space Ventures Investors offers you these advantages:

  • Be a shareholder in a first-mover space investment company.
  • Receive dividends.
  • Holders of Ordinary Management Shares are eligible to join the management team, or take on other roles.
  • Vote on space investment strategy, including portfolio allocation, private space investments, marketing and communications campaigns.
  • If part of the management team, and / or actively involved, engage in high level networking with space companies and space agencies.
  • Access to SVI's custom space commerce data; research, insights, strategies.

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