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Space Investing Portfolio Allocation

Space Investing Portfolio

A Balanced and Risk-Averse Approach to Investing in Space Commerce

Our portfolio evolves with what space technology is available to invest in, when invest and when to exit, and is also subject to macro economic conditions. Our strategy is to be investing in the following:

Aerospace – Listed Companies

Selected Blue Chip and emerging global aerospace companies that have and / or are developing technology and applications for the space industry.
Most of these companies have space divisions that are small relative to their aerospace businesses, but due to their size and scale, are important players.
Example: Airbus Group, Boeing, Lockheed Martin.

Satellites – Listed Companies

Selected satellite related companies, including satellite manufacturing, owners and operators. This includes the numerous satellite operators serving different geographical locations, from densely populated, to expansive nations like Africa, Russia and Australia, and to providers of global internet.
Example: Eutelsat, Inmarsat, Loral, Intelsat, SES.

Space Technology and Infrastructure – Listed Companies

This part of the portfolio now concentrates on pure-space-play companies, that offer niche services and technology, including sensors, communication, propulsion, ground stations, and other related technologies.
Example: Thales, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Magellan Aerospace Corp.

Private Space Companies

From Start-ups to Large Private companies, capital is to be invested directly in companies that meet SVI’s criteria for Space Commerce potential. This includes Low Earth Orbit Global Internet Providers, Space Tourism, Asteroid Mining, Propulsion, and any other promising space technology.
This category is the most dynamic and riskiest, but also the potentially the most profitable for emerging space commerce companies.
This category also includes backing selected Equity Crowd Funded Space Ventures.

In-House Ventures

Our growing and evolving space commerce expertise, coupled with the valued input from shareholders and space strategists and technical consultants, gives us the advantage in designing and executing in-house space commerce technology and space enabling platforms.
To date, this includes developing Space CrowdFund – a crowdfunding platform designed specifically for private space investors to fund private and educational space missions.

Cash & Precious Metals

Cash kept in reserve, and investments in selected precious metals funds as a hedge against wide economic uncertainty.

The chart below planned portfolio allocaton diversification over a 10 year period

Investing in Space Ventures Investors

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