Types of Space Funds

This page contains information about space funds, including what currently exists and is open to investors, and what will exist in the future.

Space CrowdFund

An equity crowd fund platform that enables people to back space companies in exchange for equity (a share or the business) or via a bond agreement, even a convertible loan (favoured by many New Space American space companies, e.g. involved with space resources).

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Space Funds for Retail Investors

Mutual Space Funds; Based on Mutual Funds model, used in the United State of America. They can be bought and sold like equities and very liquid.
Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and SEIS Space Funds; tax efficient funding for new space companies used in the United Kingdom. EIS Space Funds are currently attracting investors.
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Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) for Space Investing, based on Aerospace ETFs. The goal of a Space ETF would be to track and manage a balance portfolio of aerospace stocks and space stocks. Any space portfolio would have to take into account the risk appetite of investors and their expected return on investment.

A Space Investment Company

Space Investing Companies that operate like a Fund: By nature a fund keeps the investors at armís length from management and decision makers, yet a Space Investing Company likes to keep its investors (by way of shares in the space company) part of the process and operates like a fund; investing in and out of selected space companies.
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A Blockchain Based Space Fund

Hypothetical merging of FinTech and Space 2.0 to create a decentralised fund for space investors based on a high volume of transactions running on a blockchain based system. Ideally, the blockchain should not be in the cloud, but in orbit. This is at concept level only.

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