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Investor Relations.

Space Funds

This page contains information about space funds, including what currently exists and is open to investors, and what will exist in the future. If you would like a comparative overview of any of these, or other space funds, then get in contact.

Government Space Incubators

Luxembourg Space Fund

Luxembourg's government supported space fund is focussed on space resources, but also space technology and the exploration of outer space. Resource scarcity is a driver of funding space resources, or more succintly, funding asteroid mining.
Luxembourg’s vision is to support advanced research activities and technological capabilities in the space sector by utiliising its economic diversification, e.g. fund-friendly legal environment.

European Space Agency Busines Incubators for Space Startups

The European Space Agency Business Incubation centres are throughout Europe, and focus on the Technology Transfer Programme, which seeks entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas for using space technologies to create new products and services in a non-space environment / downstream market.

Operational Space Funds

Space Angels Network, minimum US$50k

Space Angels Network

The Space Angels Network is nearly 10 years old, has been at the forefront of arranging space investment in the US, but is somewhat restricted to larger investors.
To date they have founded 40 companies, have over 200 members, and have an impressive co-investor line-up including well known Venture Capital companies and pro-space advocates like Larry Page (Google) and Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic).

UK Space Fund, minimum GBP100k

Seraphim Space Fund

Seraphim Space has a £50m fund launched in 2016 that is focused terrestrial technology and space applications. Investors come from leading aerospace and space companies. The fund is supported by the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency.

The fund invests in both software and upstream opportunities, plus technology that uses satellite data, and technology related to the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, robotics and nanomaterials.

Space Fund Related Terminology

Mutual Space Funds; Based on Mutual Funds model, used in the United State of America. They can be bought and sold like equities and very liquid.
Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and SEIS Space Funds; tax efficient funding for new space companies used in the United Kingdom. EIS Space Funds are currently attracting investors.
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Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) for Space Investing, based on Aerospace ETFs. The goal of a Space ETF would be to track and manage a balance portfolio of aerospace stocks and space stocks. Any space portfolio would have to take into account the risk appetite of investors and their expected return on investment.

Space Investing Companies that operate like a Fund: By nature a fund keeps the investors at arm’s length from management and decision makers, yet a Space Investing Company likes to keep its investors (by way of shares in the space company) part of the process and operates like a fund; investing in and out of selected space companies.

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A Blockchain Based Space Fund? E-contracts as Shareholder Agreements?

The hypothetical merging of FinTech and Space 2.0 to create a decentralised fund for space investors based on a high volume of transactions, running on a blockchain based system is possible, and will happen within 5 years. If you are interested in taking part in a blockchain based shareholder participating investing in space, then get in contact with us.

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