Investing in Space for Individuals

Investing in Space for Individuals

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If you have ever asked the question ‘How do I invest in the space?’ then you are in the right place and at the right time for the right answer: Investing in Space is our business, and it is a new business.
It is also a complex industry, where risk and success must be factored into investment making decisions.
Back to the question, how to invest in space. A convenient and short answer is that you already have; long-distance calls, plus many parts of the media, navigation, weather, and environmental monitoring industries use satellites. Applications designed and built for space become down-stream consumer products, the handheld drill made for the Apollo astronauts on the moon being the easiest example. If you pay taxes and your country has a space program, then you are contributing to space.
A more advanced question is, how to pro-actively invest in space?.
There are no shortage of publically listed companies that are active in space. Space Stocks are growing in number and diversity, catering to different sectors and verticals of the space industry.

Space Ventures Investors is one space investment that covers them all.

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Join Us - The new space race is already underway

Advances in technology, a growth in consumer demand and the emergence of space entrepreneurs are creating exciting opportunities.
If you are an individual interested in investing in space, please take our brief survey (It only requires five minutes of your time - your input is valuable and you can win an antique science fiction movie advertisement) so we can shape financial products to meet your portfolio and risk appetite.

How Much Should You Invest in Space?

This is a question that needs to be answered and is relative to your investment portfolio allocation.
We recommend that no more than 5% of your total personal investments (including house, property, stocks, funds; retirement, exotic / high risk) be invested in space.
Our investing strategy is to preserve capital and be conservative, and although we focus primarily on space shares and space companies, we recognise the needs, as in all portfolios, to spread risk and properly analyse the business model, the industry, and an exit point, before investing.

Investing in Space Ventures Investors

Our current status is that of a private company with shareholders.
Our shareholders are voters.
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