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Investor Relations.

Our Focus: Lunar Commerce. Moon Exploration. Mining the Moon.

Based on our ongoing in-house space resources research, we have evaluated:

Moon and Lunar Resources

‣ The long-term business models; how feasible are operations on the Lunar surface and all the steps involved. Who is part of the supply-chain to the Moon and back?
‣ Who is developing the right technology for the right purpose, e.g. water extraction from regolith or the Moon's South Pole craters,
‣ and the opportunity of when and how to enter this highly complex and lucrative emerging industry - timing is crucial.

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Our In-house Research: Lunar Commercial Rights for Resource Exploration and Extraction

To prepare for future Lunar Mining Investing, we are researching:
‣ The Legal Framework for Lunar Mining.
‣ Of the layers of data available, locatons on the Moon of interest, e.g. that are rich in platinum group metals.
‣ The technology required to explore and extract, that is available, in-development, from agencies and private companies.

Mining the Moon, Lunar Surface Resources Extraction Supply Chain

Space Resources –In-Situ Resource Utilization

1. The Moon’s Commodities: Agencies Lead the Way, Companies Follow-up.
Ongoing research is required to determine how to exactly to extract Oxygen, and potentially Water (from the Lunar South Poles). We are keeping abreast of the developments (e.g. NASA and ESA missions), and focussing on commercial methods of exploration, extraction and processing, coupled with the means for providing transport and energy (solar vs. nuclear). Our focus is on identifying the Supply-Chain of technology and emerging companies that can make this possible.

2. Establishing Commercial Claims on the Lunar Surface.
Predicating any investment in a Lunar Mining Operation, including on-the ground exploration using custom Rovers, or even extraction of Lunar regolith and then subsequent processing, is the establishment of commercial rights. A commercial right to explore, extract and process is required from a legal and investment case point of view. One of our key priorities is to develop a proprietary road map for establish such commercial rights.

Analysis Lunar Data for Mining
Cubesats Lunar Orbit
Earth to Moon Communications Fund
Private Lunar prospecting startups to invest in
Commercial Moon Bases
Invest in Lunar Rovers
Invest lunar resources extraction
Lunar surface 3d-printing regolith
Invest in Cislunar infrastructure

Lunar Surface Mining Process

On-Earth Infrastructure

  • Project Funding; Sydnicates of private investors, corporations, governments.
  • Multi-generational Project Management.
  • Corporate structure that out-lives and survives macro-economic events, e.g. depressions, currency wars.
  • Aligning with governments that pro-actively create legislation that is pro-space resources.
  • Finding companies that develop specialised robotics, automation, and analytics that will be used in space resources operations.

In-Space Infrastructure

  • Low-cost launch providers for Deep Space / Near Earth Orbit Missions.
  • Space stations that are transport hubs, storages centres, scientific & commercial facilities (e.g. mineral refining) or a destination, (e.g. a space hotel).
  • Solar installations in space that generate and store energy.
  • Water storage installations that are commercial “pit stops” for transport vessels.
  • Deployable resources extractions operations targeting the Moon, other Planets and Asteroid Mining.

Lunar Surface Surveying

  • Ongoing study of surface terrain for anomalies.
  • This is a new field of Lunar observation (using low-cost CubeSats or Small Sats with specific hyperspectral equipment) and algorithms to detect targets of interest.

Target Selection

  • What is high value in relation to earth resources? e.g. Platinum group metals.
  • What is high value in relation to resources required in space in line with 3rd party activities in space? e.g. Water.
  • Find multiple high value Targets within easy reach.

Mission Preparation

  • What technology is available, from extraction, refinining, to return to Earth or to an orbiting facility?
  • Budget vs. reality: What is affordable…
  • Joint Venture: Which traditional industries will step up to Space 2.0?

Mission Operation

  • Launch
  • Navigation
  • Extractions: Robotic, autonomous
  • Transportation to Customer

Previous Due Diligence
In April 2016, Space Ventures Investors was approached by a High Net Worth Individual to conduct an evaluation of the business model of a high profile US-based company, code-named “Lunar Co.”, that is planning commercial operations on the moon.

Moon Resources and Lunar Surface Focussed Companies

What Companies are Focussed on Exploring and Commercialising the Moon?
Various companies (some listed below) are involved in developing the technology and processes to partake in Lunar surface operations.
There are also numerous other companies, some listed, that are creating the technology (e.g. CubeSats, launch, communications) required for operation around and on the Moon.
For more information on listed space and aerospace companies, visit Space Stocks.

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