What We Do

We Invest in Space Companies

We research and follow our strategy of building a Space Value Chain of Strategically Placed Space Companies. We also invest in space stocks, space startups and space companies.

We are a Shareholder Driven Company

The founders that built Space Ventrues Investors and the investors that come on board share the same vision: Invest in revenue-generating space companies.

We Match Space Investors with Space Companies

Our 1-on-1 European and Global Networking combined with our in-house investor database, our own Space CrowdFund (beta) means that we can match Space Investors with Space Companies based on size, region and best-fit.

SPACE COMPANIES: Space Start-ups, SMEs, and Decision Makers

Capital Raising

Regardless if you're at Seed Stage, Series A, B, C or need a roadmap to take your space business from concept to IPO, we can help you lay the framework and partner with the right people and companies.

Research and Data

Our Space Commerce Research is focussed on:
1. Building our Space Commerce Value Chain of strategically placed space companies
2. The New Space industrty in general; from trends in technology to superpower strategies
3. Understanding what our space investors want

Due Diligence

The Due Diligence required before investing in space companies is complex and technical.
If you require an intitial opinion or a an independent overview of a New Space business model, product, or service, Due Diligence is now one of our services.


Individuals /
Private Investors

how to invest in spacex

You've kept up to date with SpaceX launches, Virgin Galactic test flights, and the new technological innovations to send humans to the Moon or Mars, and return them.
The implications are well above that of re-usable rockets and first class tickets to space; new markets are opening up, space commerce is here yet the exact niches are yet to be defined.

The lowering of the cost of launch and the inevitability of space tourism are just the beginning. Yet how do you invest in space when there are so many companies, technologies, and start-ups?

For a balanced exposure to space commerce, get in contact.


Entrepreneurs / Angel Investors / High Net Worth / Family Trusts

The gradual generation of wealth, the preservation of capital throughout the generations, and the opportunities that come once in a lifetime, are real and tangible events that need to be researched, modelled and strategically invested in.

For High Net Worth and Angel Investors there are different strategic investments that can be made into space commerce; To be part of it, it is merely a question of risk appetite, expectations on the return on investments, and knowing what to invest in.

To be a key investor in new space startups and companies, get in contact.


Corporate / Venture Capital / Private Equity

Space Investing Research

The scaling-down of launch costs, plus the tooling-up of developing economies into high-tech space hubs, means that new space manufacturing, production and services companies will have a competitive advantage.

Part of their growth will be through Mergers and Acquistions, Financing, and potential IPOs.
Right now the miniaturization of space technology like CubeSats, the downstream data applications for B2C and B2B markets, and the new talent making it all happen, is the next market to be in.

For consultancy, due diligence, and game-changing disruptive space investments, get in contact.


We're Making Managed Space Investments

Invest in Space Shares

Space Stocks Portfolio: Low Risk, Exit after 1 Year
Invest in a portfolio of global aerospace and space stocks that are active in developing space related technology and business models.

Space Commerce Portfolio

Space Commerce Portfolio: Medium Risk, Exit in 3 Years
Invest in a portfolio of international space companies that are focussing on space commerce verticals like space tourism and space resources.

European Space Startups Financing

New European Space Companies: Medium-High Risk, Exit in 5 Years
Invest in a portfolio of the European backed space companies that are developing niche high-tech applications, production lines and services.

Become a Shareholder

Space Entrepreneurs

We're a growing business in a rapidly emerging and expanding industry. Find out more and come onboard.

We Invest in Space. Join Us.

Our Vision for Investing in Space is very simple:

1. Create space investments that channel investor capital into profitable space commerce businesses.

2. Ensure that investor capital, via Space Ventures Investors, has a growing, long-lasting and transformational role in space commerce.

3. Space Investors are decision makers - Input and Voting from our investors shape how we invest in space.

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Simon Drake - Co-Founder and Managing Director

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