Entry Points into Really Diverse and Disruptive Space Companies for Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors, High Net Worth Individuals, and Family Trusts.

Investing is a strategy, investing at the right time and for the right reasons.

The difficulty of producing qualified and market-ready space technology is that it is a difficult process, it is a new industry, yet the space industry has a vibrant, educated, sophisticated and business-savvy start-up scene.
The flow of vital investment capital to any new industry goes in cycles, basically early stage vs. mid-stage vs. late stage. The Space Scene is it an early stage, and vastly different to the Dot-Com era start-up, or that of the Social Media start-ups. Dot-Come era start-ups had the benefit of un-tested valuations until it all imploded.
Social Media start-ups had a ride in valuation until they reached a definite point: Market Saturation.
In contrast, Space is infinite, and Space Start-ups must carry the burden of past performances, be it explosions on launch-pads, the threat of space debris, or the their competitiveness vs. legacy equipment, and model these and many more factors when applying for funding for Seed, Series A & B funding.
This screening out process for raising investments for space start-ups in turn creates a critical environment for the brightest minds to come together to solve extremely challenging problems, and at the same time push the boundaries of the next frontier.
SVI is actively seeking strategic investors who can also offer experience and advice.
Many new Space Companies have business models that are based on or similar to existing high-tech, small-scale, niche manufacturing and software development businesses. The parameters and standards already exist on which to measure space companies.
For advice on how to invest in space, or an introduction to a new space start-up, get in contact.

Corporate Investors in Space

Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors Can Seed Space Companies

Now is the Time

The latest space commerce opportunities owe a lot of their technology to the digital age, and of course the massive leaps made in the space race.

Disruptive new space companies are monitoring and connecting with a fast-moving and rapidly approaching wave.
Underpinning these new space companies is the miniaturisation of technology. Think of the computational power in a car-sized satellite from the last century, being squeezed into a CubeSat (10x10x10cm), and the lowering of launch costs by a factor of 10 and potentially 100; a $100m launch cost can be reset to $10m thanks to new launch providers and technology, SpaceX being the most obvious example.

The opportunity is that the scale of hardware and software that you send into space has expanded while the cost has shrunk, and space entrepreneurs live for an opportunity and a challenge.
At some point you can send a car-full of smartphone-sized satellites running 1000s of apps and custom programs into orbit for $5 million, from diverse spaceports and therefore jurisdictions, offering a global internet layer in low-earth orbit.

The next space race is akin to that of Old World European Explorers forging trade routes in the New World; a period of revolution which has shaped modern history ever since.
For probably half the world’s population, their native language is a result of 15th-16th Century history.

We have the Space Investing Strategies

At Space Ventures Investors we find space companies that fit our Space Commerce Road Map. Our strategy is to map the path of progress ahead and find various ways to match the goals of space investors and the space entrepreneurs who need capital.

For High Net Worth Individuals in Space, there are exciting options to make a sizable investment in early stage space companies that are pro-actively riding the next wave.

Space commerce verticals of interest include companies in the following areas:

  • Launch, providing cost-effective Sub-Orbital and Orbital services. Space Tourism, from ‘sub-orbital 6 minutes of zero-G’ to horizontally taking off space planes (the Concord was just a half-way point) and space accommodation for the true adventurers.
  • Space Resources, exploring and extracting resources from the planets and asteroids, including previous metals, water, energy, and materials required for future space missions.
  • Satellites, expanding the capabilities of satellites, from hardware to software.
  • Space infrastructure, the vital assets in space that we rely on everyday, including the constellations of satellites providing communication, entertainment, positioning and earth observation.

The Opportunity to Put the Pieces into Place

Most entrepreneurs and early stage investors see an opportunity, a process, design or system that needs to be competed, and the people to do it. New space companies are no different to any other enterprise. There is a pool of available specialists thanks to space being an industry over a half century old, and newcomers from the high-tech Universities. The last 20 years of globalisation has created a massive flow of technology, from niche hardware and software, that can be combined for different purposes and business models. Space was expensive and price is no longer the main barrier to entry. The most difficult aspect for space companies is to find capital to really be disruptive, that is to boldly go where few entrepreneurs have gone before.

For a custom overview of your HNW investing strategy, get in contact with Space Ventures Investors.

Space Commerce Portfolio

Our criteria for Space Commerce.

Our internal Space Investment Research has a focus on what current space technology is profitable and what future space technology will be profitable, including adjustable timelines.
Some of our ideas are outlined in our Space Commerce Presentation and Space Road Map; The majority of which is our basis for investing in space, how, when and why.

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