Space Exploration

Investing in Space Exploration
The biggest query Space Ventures Investors recieves is how do I invest in space exploration?
There are two answers:
1. You already have. Long distance communication relies on satellite fleets and the infrastructure that keeps them operational. Taxation (though not exactly voluntarirly) is designated to nations‘ space programs, military, and search and rescue capabilities. Inadvertently, anyone who has paid tax or made a long distance phone call has been adding in some small way to the space industry.
2. The Opportunities are expanding. Space Ventures Investor’s goal is to bring space savvy investors to strategically orientated and profitable space exploration projects.

New Space Exploration Companies
SpaceX designs, creates, and launches, rockets and space craft. What sets SpaceX apart ist hat they are actually in the space business, delivering cargo into low earth orbit.

Planetary Resources is determined to use it’s part crowd-funded private space telescope for asteroid hunting, and then use robotic craft to mine asteroids and open a potential trillion dollar industry. Theyre also offering relatively in-expensie packages to use one of their space telescopes.

Deep Space Industries, a private space company (based in the U.S.), and has bold yet quite logical, practical, and profitable goals:
Asteroid Mining: First using off the shelf hardware, and then more sophisticated asteroid harvesting technology. Their goal is seek out valuable asteroids, mine or harvest them, and then process them in space.
Space Based Services: In-Space refueling, power (including power generation), asteroid processing, and manufacturing of space related equipment.
Deep Space Industries long-term goal is to be the infrastructure, offering an oasis (e.g. air, water and power) in space.

Space Elevators
There are a number of contenders that are boldly setting forth to make a ride into space for future generations a more calmer and efficient experience than riding a rocket.
There is so much to say about a Space Elevator, so much conjecture, speculation, technology to be developed, and vision that surpasses hope and is now (hopefully) turning from the experiment stage to planning stage; on a massive scale, with a massive business model, using massive leaps in technology.
LiftPort are not new in using crowd funding (


Invest in Space Exploration